Advertising on The Native Press

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Become part of a new and exciting online community by advertising on thenativepress.com!

Advertising on thenativepress.com is a quick and easy way for you to promote your business, product, event, and/or Web page.

As a Native American news, information, and entertainment venture online, thenativepress.com reaches a wide range of viewers: Native American students in college, Native American young professionals, and persons interested in Native American content in general.

As we continue to add new features and content areas to our site, you will reach more visitors online.

How to Advertise
thenativepress.com offers you three easy ways to reach your audience.

1. A Random Ad appears randomly on all pages.

2. A Targeted Ad appears in a content area you designate. This enables you to reach users interested in a specific area of our site.

3. Finally, a Sponsor Ad ensures premium placement on the main page of thenativepress.com, and all other pages. Every user is guaranteed to see your ad. Sponsor Ads also receive top billing on the Web site.

We offer competitive advertising rates, and special advertising campaigns are always negotiable and available.

Contact us today at advertise@thenativepress.com

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